The Saratoga Sailing School is a program of The Saratoga Lake Sailing Club and is dedicated to teaching the sport of sailing. The program uses proven methods developed by US SailingSLSC_BurgeeThe Saratoga Lake Sailing Club (SLSC) provides boats and facilities for the program.


Adult sailors will have five classes (We've added another racing course!) to choose from depending on their level of sailing skills. Class sizes will be limited to promote a focused learning environment.  The classes will primarily use Flying Scot sailboats. The hours will be 5:30 - 8:30 pm.

The "Invitation-To-Sail" is designed for those new to sailing who would just like a little taste of what it is like to be out in a sailboat.  This will be a one session class designed to introduce the student to sailing to decide if it is something they would like to pursue.  The class is offered on a scheduled basis in a group format or it can be taken as a private lesson.

Adult "Learn-To-Sail" is designed for those new to sailing or with little experience, this class will teach basics of sailing, "cruising", boat handling, crewing, and water safety.

Adult "Intermediate Sailing" is designed for those who have done some sailing before. The class will help students improve their technique, as skippers and crew, including more advanced boat handling for "cruising" and for racing: starts, mark rounding, and tactics.

"Introduction to Racing" is designed for those people who are interested in getting involved with racing. The class will teach students the basic concepts of racing, what is expected of race crew, and will give students the opportunity to try some races with experienced skippers at the helm.

"Strategic and Tactical Racing" is designed for those people who are already racing and are interested in improving their skills in a small coached environment. Where possible, we hope that racing teams will take the course together in their own boats so that the skills are directly applied to their own racing. The class will cover topics such as starts, beats, reaching and running, finishes, tactics and strategy. 


Junior sailors, aged between 9 and 17, can choose from four programs (We've added another!) using Optis, O'Pen Bics, Laser, or Flying Junior sailboats.

The first is "Junior Learn to Sail" where sailors will learn the basics of sailing over a 2-week period. The program includes: boat rigging, parts identification, wind direction, boat handling, and water safety and fun! The hours will be 9 AM to 4 PM each day. The program will run for 10 days over 2 weeks (Monday through Friday each week).

The second program, "Junior Intermediate Sailing," is designed for Juniors who have some prior sailing experience. The class will help students improve their technique, as skippers and crew, including more advanced boat handling and racing: starts, mark rounding, and tactics. The hours will be 9 AM to 4 PM each day. The program will run for 5 days over 1 week (Monday through Friday each week).

The third program, "Junior Racing" is for Juniors who want to challenge their skills against other sailors. We will be teaching and racing in both single handed boats (Lasers) as well as double handed boats (FJs).  The program will start with a full week of racing instruction as well as 10 weeks of Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  Instruction will take place on Tuesaday evening and the students will race on Wednesday evenings. Students will also have the opportunityto race in regattas both at SLSC and at other clubs. 

The Adventure Sailing program is a new program for juniors who want to explore the many different aspects of sailing besides racing. It is intended for juniors who have completed the intermediate sailing programs and are very comfortable sailing on their own. We will play around with as many types of boats as we can get our hands on such as keelboats, multihulls and a variety of dinghys. We'll cover a wide range of sailing skills related to day sailing and cruising including motoring, docking, anchoring, navigation skills, and mostly just sailing for the fun of it. Wherever possible we will adjust the curriculum to accommodate the interests of the kids. The program will run throughout the season and includes a full week of sailing and will also meet on Thursday evenings throughout the summer. We understand that not everybody is able to make every session in a season long program given vacations, other commitments, etc. We try to offer a wide range of times so that all the juniors can get on the water regularly.

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