The Saratoga Lake Sailing Club provides boats used by the Saratoga Sailing School program.

Flying Scot
The adult sailing program will primarily use Flying Scots.  This boat is unsinkable, difficult to capsize and is an easy boat to master.  For more information, visit several related websites:


Thanks to several very generous donations of Ensigns, both the adult programs and some junior programs will also have access to our two 23' Ensigns.  The Ensign is the clubs only Keelboat fleet and provides a stable and enjoyable sailing experience.  For more information, visit several related websites:


Another boat that may be used by adults is the Laser.  It is the most popular racing boat in the world with over 190,000 boats produced.  The standard hull can be outfitted with three types of rigs: "Standard", "Radial" and "4.7".  The Saratoga Sailing School will be using the "Radial" rig, which is smaller than the "Standard" rig, and therefore is easier to control.  Junior sailors will use the Laser Radial.  "Standard" Lasers are raced by Olympic men while women race "Radials".  In fact, the USA won GOLD in the 2008 Olympic games in the women's Laser Radial class.  Here is a link to some Laser websites:

Some like to sail Lasers slow:

But others like to sail them FAST!

New since the 2011 season is a fleet of Flying Juniors (FJs).  Designed for 2 sailors, these boats will be used by all classes as well as the Junior Racing program.   For more infomation, visit:


Smaller-sized Juniors will use the O'Pen BIC. 

The O'Pen Bic is our newest addition to the school fleets.  For more information, please visit



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